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Thursday, January 04, 2007

Where does your Real Estate Agent hang their hat? and.... Do you care?

It does matter where the agent hangs his or her hat. Your objectives matter.

Are you buying property? If so, a buyer's agent is one thing in which to seek among other things such as personality and how hard they work for you. Pick from many agents or brokers out there and you can find some really good people to work with that have your best interests at heart. Boutique Realty companies are fine to work with if you are buying property, as long as they belong to the local board. Of course, do keep in mind that those larger firms often give their Realtor(r)s more and extensive training, whereas, smaller firms may not have the resources to provide it.

If you are selling property, it can be a different matter entirely. You need to look at agents that have some connections. Your neighbor Joe is not going to be buying your property, in most cases. The person that is looking for your home may live in Chicago, New York, Texas, or someplace else that the ad the boutique agent puts in the local paper may never reach.

When selling your home, you want the marketing power. Not the local limit. When buying your home you want the resources a top notch brokerage can give. So yes, one of these high name brokerages will get you results that boutique brokers just may not.

That's why I chose the firm where I hang my hat.

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