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Friday, February 09, 2007

Purchasing Real Property On Your Own

Buyers: Why not just buy that for sale by owner home now?

You’ve been looking for property or a home. You’ve been working with a Realtor® in your search and she has sent you property after property that have been close, but just aren't quite your dream. Finally on “the list”, in the newspaper or somewhere similar, you find that "for sale by owner home" that seems just right and it’s at the right price, too.

So you ask yourself, “Why shouldn’t I just purchase this home or property? – Do I really need to use a Realtor's® service?” and start thinking about the offer you are going to make, by yourself. Well, stop right there. Although this home looks like it's just the right home for you, unless you’ve been through the buying and selling process often, do you really know what you’re getting yourself into?

Your Realtor® is trained to know the ins and outs of Real Estate. Perhaps an attorney could help instead, but whatever you do, please don’t do it by yourself. Use the knowledge for which Realtors® like me have been trained and get that help you deserve. We spend many hours and dollars each year in classes, getting our licenses, renewing our licenses, keeping our licenses, researching property, and many other fundamentals for you - the client. We are always in contact with escrow agents, mortgage bankers, and our local government.

Do you know the area in which you are purchasing this property? Do you know what the geo hazards are in the area? Y our savvy Realtor® should be doing the preliminary leg-work for you, researching for you and helping you contact the right person with whom to talk. What she doesn’t know, she’ll find out or help you discover.

Do you know the closing process? Do you know the questions that should be asked? Your savvy Realtor® does and again, what she doesn’t, she can find out and get you together with the right person or government agency with whom to talk.

Please, please don’t make the mistake of purchasing a home without a Realtor® knowledgeable about the area, someone that has your back. Purchasing property is a big endeavor; savvy buyers utilize the help available.

Knowledge is power, be powerful when you look for a home. You may not regret that home ever, but you may when it's time to sell it.

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